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Introducing Uberhaus

The first DAO of DAOs

No borders, no passports, only collaboration. UberHAUS is a community of communities that govern the DAOhaus protocol and suite of products.

A nation of community-centric organizations.

This network of DAOs, bound through a token, shall become a nation of community-centric organizations. No borders, no passports, only collaboration. This community of communities now owns the DaoHaus suite of products.

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A unique 2 body governance system.

On chain governance managed by 2 bodies and harnessing the power of the Daohaus protocol

Permissionless and inclusive without the downfalls of coin voting.

Rathaus anyone can stake to participate in governance over the prtocol. On chian membership with gassless voting. 1x governance power for staking a minimum of 1 HAUS, 2x governance power for procviding liquidity in any of our official pools

Bundeshaus Member DAOs can participate in the DAO Federation. Membership is fully on chain and permissioned through election. The resposibilities include ratification and execution of policies.

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Community meetings.

The UberHaus community is a vibrant and large community of DAOs, where currently there are +70 DAOs actively participating in UberHaus governance!

We meet every 3rd Wednesday of the month at 11AM EST (16:00 UTC) to share updates and discuss proposals. For your DAO to be eligible to receive rewards, your delegate can’t miss more than 1/3 of discussions.

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Become a member DAO

If you want to join UberHaus, there are several things you should do before submitting an official proposal to the DAO. Visit the UberHaus Forum and select “+ New Topic”.

This is where you will want to showcase what your DAO can do for UberHaus.

Governance Mining

Governance mining is a fairly new concept in the DAO ecosystem, and it was made possible in UberHaus by allowing the DAO to control HAUS token issuance.

Through participating in governance e.g. voting, proposing, debating, and showing up for monthly meetings, a DAO on UberHaus can receive more HAUS! Pretty cool right? If your DAO should leave UberHaus, they’ll leave with more Haus than they started with!

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