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Become a Member

Make Your DAO a Member#

If you want to join UberHaus, there are several things you should do before submitting an official proposal to the DAO. Visit the UberHaus Forum and select “+ New Topic”.

This is where you will want to showcase what your DAO can do for UberHaus.

  • Share what your DAO or community has previously worked on in the web3 space
  • Tell us what your DAO can uniquely do to benefit UberHaus.
  • Tell us why your DAO wants to join UberHaus
  • How many Shares is your DAO pledging for?
  • If your DAO is pledging for more than 500 shares, tell us why you want to do that.
  • What else should we know about your DAO?

You will need to pledge in HAUS, although if your community has a token that might work as well. What are your ideas here?

Once you have answered the questions highlighted above, navigate to your DAO and to your allies page (🤝 on the sidebar) in DAOhaus to pledge.

Remember you can pledge a minimum of 500 HAUS and a maximum of 4,000 HAUS

Note: If your DAO does not have the HAUS to pledge for UberHaus membership, their are additional methods of “earning” your way into UberHaus.

To find out more check out the grants section under GettingStarted

Elect a Delegate#

Your DAO needs to elect a delegate to represent your community in UberHaus. Any share holding member in your DAO can make a delegate proposal. Delegates can collect rewards (1% of funds pulled from UberHaus). They can also be impeached if they try anything funny.

Here are some eligibility requirements 👇

  • A delegate must be a share-holding member
  • A delegate must not be a member of UberHaus
  • A delegate cannot already be an UberHaus delegate from another DAO.

Delegates are responsible for interfacing between your DAO and UberHaus, so make sure the individual you select from your DAO is someone your DAO trusts.

Delegates have soft responsibilities to communicate the inner workings of UberHaus to their DAO and relay information from their DAO back to UberHaus.

Once your DAO has decided on a delegate, whether through a quick poll or on-chain vote through your DAO, you’ll want to begin the process of setting up a Minion and officially set the delegate for interfacing with UberHaus.

Minion Setup#

Before you can pledge and your DAO become a member, you’ll have to setup a Minion to manage your DAOs membership, you can setup a minion from the allies page.

When Deploying an UberHaus minion for your DAO, you’ll be able to select a delegate from the list of members in your DAO and give your minion a special name!

Once you have you have selected a delegate and given your minion a name, click “Deploy!”

The next step is for you to make a proposal to Stake Haus into the UberHaus DAO, but before you can make a proposal you need to get your DAO and minion ready to work with HAUS.

  1. Approve HAUS in your DAO by making a “Token Proposal” and whitelisting the address by entering the token contract address in the field “Token Address”
  2. Send HAUS to your Minion’s Address (found just 👇)

Now your DAO and Minion are ready to go.


To submit your pledge to the UberHaus DAO navigate to the allies page and click “Make Staking Proposal”. The amount of shares your minion will receive in exchange for pledging will come at a ratio of 1Share/HAUS.

Follow the Proposal Process under the section Proposal Types to make sure you get all of the details and links wired in so Members of UberHaus can make an informed decision about whether or not to accept your DAOs application.


Once the proposal executes in your DAO, a copy will also be sent to UberHaus to review.

After the proposal has been processed, you’ll need to execute the minion’s action on the UberHaus minion. You can do so by clicking ‘Execute Minion’ in the Proposal Actions card. This will send a proposal to UberHaus

Then follow this link on the Allies page to UberHaus (refresh page).

Members of UberHaus will vote based on all of the information outlined above. Double check that your proposal is in UberHaus

Now, wait patiently as your DAOs proposal will have to be sponsored, enter the voting period, and subsequently pass/fail, which will take ~18 days.

Note: If for some reason progress has stalled, drop into our discord here and tell us where you’re having issues in our #support channel.


Once the proposal passes and is processed, you should see your DAO under UberHaus members with an amount of shares equivalent to the amount of HAUS your DAO pledged.

Congratulations, your DAO is one step closer to helping us in our tumultuous pursuit to defeat Moloch!

Delegate Confirmation#

Go back to the Allies page and hit the confirm delegate button and refresh the page to see your delegate, the amount of UberHaus shares that your DAO holds, and the join date of your DAO.

To learn about other interactions your DAO can make with UberHaus or your delegate, make sure to check out “” in the “” section.