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The UberHaus community is a vibrant and large community of DAOs, where currently there are +70 DAOs actively participating in UberHaus governance!

Our mission is to provide the infrastructure needed to help the Haus grow and scale into the infinite future. To do this, our focus has been dedicated to providing minimally viable infrastructure and organization to accompany what we think are the collective goals of UberHaus

The more DAOs on DAOhaus that we can get involved in this process of governing the DAOhaus ecosystem through UberHaus, the closer we’ll be toward achieving our goals of decentralization, community ownership, and autonomy!

As it stands today, there is only one meeting for UberHaus per month. The rest of community led events are taking place inside of DAOhaus, where there are many opportunities to learn more about the DAOhaus ecosystem or get involved in areas that you want to help improve for UberHaus.

Checkout Meetings 👇 to see what’s happening!