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Dao Roles

Introduction to Dao Roles#

  • RatHaus
  • Bundeshuas
  • Dao Operator

Uberhaus is a single DAO but there are multiple roles inside the DAO. Holding HAUS is enough to grant you membership to the DAO but to gain governance power you must be in one of these roles, either by staking, providing liquidity or applying as DAO for the responsibilities of Bundeshaus. Like most DAOs it uses a double tap governance system, separating the token holders from the on chain execution. There are many good reasons to use a 2 stage system in DAOs, where most DAOs delegate execution responsibility to a chosen few, Uberhaus has a novel approach where the executing party is scalable and elected.


The peoples DAO, this is the big tops of the funnel where all roles start (individual or DAO). it has permissionless membership meaning anyone can join. THere are 2 routes to joining.

  • Staking HAUS in the DAO - The minimum requirement is 1 haus which gets 100 loot units.
  • Staking into a Liquidity Pool - there are multiple official liquidity pools across different networks.

Participation in the DAO starts here as well. All proposals start with Rathaus as the first pass. Submitting a proposal or voting on a proposal is gasless through off chain voting with Snapshot. The responsibilities include discussion on new policies, funding proposals, election of new members to Bundeshaus and even the occasional guild kick when a member needs to be removed. This membership is liquid, meaning members can easily and permissionless un stake at any time. Because of this important role and the ability to exit at any time, the Rathaus holds all the strings.


An elected group of DAOs have the responsibility to execute proposals that have passed through Rathaus. These DAOs are doing the hard work and experimentation to usher in new future of DAO relations and coordination. Because of this they the most skin in the game and the most to lose if THe DAOhaus protocol and suite of applications goes down. They also have the responsibility to backstop proposals or actions that undermine the ability for Uberhaus to perform. These DAOs must apply through Rathaus and at the time of writing the minimum is a 100 haus stake. A Dao can also be removed. This is the second and final stage of the double tap system.

  • Elected
  • 100 haus minimum stake (10000 shares)

DAO operator#

The final role is the DAO operator. Through our experimentation and wargames we have found that the daily operations of an onchain dao can be a distraction to members that should be focusing on making worthwhile proposals. THe role is not required and the dao can operate as normal without an operator but they are the grease that keeps the gears turning smoothly. It should be filled by an individual/s and eventually could be automated all together. The role has on chain execution rights but the absolute lowest amount of shares required to allow them this extra responsibility. This role is filled by an individual or group of individuals, is elected by Rathaus and can be removed through guildkick. they should not be anon, be highly trusted and have deep knowledge of DAO tech. THe responsibilities of the operator is to work as an oracle that monitors and pushes proposals through the proposal flow, implement documentation changes, review and audit on chain proposals to bundeshaus.

  • Elected
  • 1 share
  • not nesseccary but helpful, could be automated eventually