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Governance Mining

Governance mining is a fairly new concept in the DAO ecosystem, and it was made possible in UberHaus by allowing the DAO to control HAUS token issuance.

Governance mining is the idea that through participating in governance e.g. voting, proposing, debating, and showing up for monthly meetings, a DAO on UberHaus can receive more HAUS! Pretty cool right? If your DAO should leave UberHaus, they’ll leave with more Haus than they started with!

DAOs that leave their stake deposited in UberHaus will receive 4x rewards during the farming period of one year, which started on April 9th, 2021.

Aside from being a worthwhile incentive to stick around for, it is also a clear commitment to the belief that the DAOhaus ecosystem cannot run without a community - and a decentralized community can’t run without governance.

Haus Mining Rules#

Rewards are distributed based on the percentage of HAUS tha your DAO has staked in UberHaus.

  • 1,000 HAUS for the first three month period
  • 2,000 HAUS for the second three month period
  • 3,000 HAUS for the third three month period
  • 4,000 HAUS for the last three month period

All 10,000 Haus will be distributed over the next year. The rewards will be distributed every three months according to the formula above for DAOs that continue to meet the eligibility requirements outlined below.

Eligibility Requirements#

For your DAO to be eligible to receive your rewards the DAO must:

  1. Send a delegate to the UberHaus monthly discussions, your delegate can’t miss more than 1/3 of discussions.
  2. Vote on at least 50% of the sponsored proposals to UberHaus.
  3. Finally, if your DAO ragequits more than 50% of its HAUS during the 12 months, your next set of rewards will be slashed by whatever percentage you ragequit.

We get that some DAOs might need to use a portion of their HAUS to fund activities, but the main goal is that DAOs use this allocation to participate in UberHaus governance.