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Grants are offered by UberHaus to DAOs for several purposes, some of which are identified below:

  • Membership Grants - DAOs can request up to 500 shares in UberHaus to participate in governance
  • Tech Grant - Tech grants afford DAOs on the DAOhaus platform up to 500 HAUS to build what they want for DAOhaus
  • Token Swap - This grant enables DAOs to swap their DAO’s token for up to 2500 shares in UberHaus, presenting a different kind of value transfer and shared ownership model.

Is Your DAO Ripe for a Grant?#

The criteria outlined below can help your DAO to determine whether or not you are eligible for receiving a grant from the UberHaus DAO.

Membership Grants are reserved for new and current DAOs that can show

  • Strong community
  • Critical use of DAOhaus products.
  • They are a valuable member of the UberHaus community.

Tech Grants are for all DAOs that want to

  • Document DAOhaus or UberHaus Processes
  • Complete research and analysis on behalf of UberHaus or DAOhaus DAOs
  • Spec out features for DAOhaus DAOs
  • Build something new for DAOs on DAOhaus

Token Swap Grants - are available to DAOs that can

  • Display the value of their project and token to UberHaus
  • Explain the benefits to UberHaus for accepting their token into the treasury
  • Offer vesting of their token in UberHaus for a year making funds non-ragequitable until the vesting period ends

Fill in the proposal template here forum thread