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Moloch V2 👺

UberHaus utilizes the Moloch V2 framework. A great overview of Moloch V2 and it’s benefits can be found here - vengist or here - spengrag.

Moloch was popularized due to its Minimum Viable DAO design and the advent of “ragequit” - a means for members to exit the DAO by exchanging their shares for a pro-rata claim on the War Chest’s assets.

The TL;DR of Moloch V2 is that it allows for an optimized War Chest and new Proposal Types. Moloch V2 can hold a variety of ERC20 tokens, and allows for anyone (including those without shares) to make a proposal to the DAO.

Uberhaus uses an upgraded version of the MolochV2 contracts which allow easier DAO2DAO relationships and easier and permissionless onboarding.