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Manifesto ๐Ÿ“œ

For HAUS to be successful, we must defeat Moloch and harness coordination as the 7th element of nature.

This network of DAOs, bound through a token, shall become a nation of community-centric orginizations. No borders, no passports, only collaboration. This community of communities now owns the DAOhaus suite of products.

With this document, we declare that UberHaus, the first hub in in the MetaNation, supports this new ecosystem of human-centric communities. UberHaus is oriented towards supporting the collective goals of those communities, while honoring the sovereignty of each DAO and member seeking to engage in positive-sum interactions.

UberHaus will be used to govern a piece of the new community-driven economy.

There will be many more hubs in the future. We do not aspire or want to be the only hub. Traditional investors and Web 2.0 pushes organizations to monopolize. We have value in our own communities, and value in our diversity. With Web 3.0, weโ€™ve seen that projects can be โ€˜The Manyโ€™ and let the value flow between participants. Free flow of value between our network and our members is the first step to decentralized freedom. Moloch will try to restrict and try to block that flow, but together, defeating Moloch is the goal.

When we think long-term about what community centric organizations can do, we can begin to leverage the power of coordination. Network effects enable the free flow of value for the betterment of all.

This experiment will not be perfect on the first day. We hope to use the power of our collective selves to flesh out a template for future โ€˜hubsโ€™ and assemble a bottom-up approach to governing our future.

We align all Moloch DAOs under a common goal of spreading the good word of decentralized governance and the freedom it brings.

And overall, have fun, donโ€™t take ourselves too seriously, respect our deversity.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.