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Proposal Flow

Before we get to the different types of proposals on UberHaus, we recommend you go through the following that will ensure the greatest chance of success when you go to make an official proposal to UberHaus DAO.

This is the process of receiving soft consensus for what you are proposing. These steps will help you obtain a signal for your idea, and you may possibly receive feedback, suggestions, or additional ideas from DAO delegates!

  1. Discuss your idea or proposal with other UberHaus delegates or member DAOs. You can propose your idea in the monthly delegates meeting link
  2. Select “+ New Topic” in the UberHaus Forum where you want to introduce your idea and receive feedback from the community.
  3. Create a proposal in snapshot to garner additional signal before putting your proposal before the DAO and executing on-chain.

Once you have gone through the preceding steps, you’re ready to make the proposal official, continue reading to find out what are the different proposal types and to learn the proposal process.

*Note the steps outlined above are not requirements, but they will ensure that your DAO gets more traction and engagement surrounding your proposal, inevitably leading to higher chance of passing your DAOs proposal.