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UberHaus Shares

There are several types of governance units inside Uberhaus.

  • Federation Shares
  • Loot
  • LP

Federation Shares All Shares are non-transferable and unique to the DAO being used (in this case UberHaus). The federation member DAOs have the resposbility to ratify and execute on chain proposals.

Loot Staking HAUS through the onboarding process gives you power to make and vote on gassless proposals for policy changes. it can be unstaked at anytime using the Ragequit mechanic.

LP Individuals or DAOs that provide liquidity in one of the official HAUS pools on any chain receive 2x voting power.

Each governance unit represents a pro-rata claim on the underlying capital pool and can be exchanged at any time using the Ragequit feature.

There is no cap on the amount of units that can be issued, and each unit carries one vote.

All new shares are issued at a rate of 1 HAUS/unit. Indivual stakers can onboard into as many units as they would like. New federation members may request a maximum of 10000 (100 HAUS stake) shares when joining.